Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto) is Daniel's rival in the Karate Kid, Part II, the nephew of Sato Toguchi and also one of the film's primary antagonists. Like Johnny Lawrence from the first film, he is portrayed as a bully to Daniel, constanty tormenting and attacking him. Unlike Johnny, however, Chozen is far more adept at hand-to-hand combat and is referred to several times in the film as Sato's star pupil. Chozen's disdain for Mr. Miyagi is inherited from his uncle and is evident almost immediately, referring to him as a "coward" throughout the film. Chozen also shows immediate disdain to Daniel both due to being a foreigner and a student of Miyagi's. Through a series of confrontations, including an incident where Daniel reveals that Chozen has been cheating the farmers of Tomi Village by using rigged weights, this grows into extreme hatred, as Chozen believes that he has been dishonored by Daniel. The full extent of Chozen's hatred for Daniel is not revealed until the latter portion of the film where, despite Sato's insistence, Chozen outright refuses to help Daniel rescue a child from a typhoon. This deliberate act of defiance prompts an angry Sato to disown him, causing Chozen to run off into the storm humiliated.

In an attempt to regain his honor, Chozen invades the O-bon festival, holds Kumiko hostage at knife point (despite Miyagi and Sato's protests) and forces Daniel into a fight to the death. Chozen proves to be a formidable foe, even countering Daniel's crane kick, and manages to gain the upper hand as the fight progresses. In the end, however, he is defeated by Daniel, who uses his "drum technique" to block Chozen's attacks and follow up with a series of counter-attacks. When given the chance to live or die, Chozen chooses to die, but Daniel, in similar fashion to Mr Miyagi at the beginning of the film, honks his nose instead of delivering the fatal blow, sparing Chozen's life. It is later revealed that Chozen committed suicide shortly after the events at the O-bon festival.