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Daniel LaRusso is the main character in the karate kid series and is the karate kid.

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) the main character of The Karate Kid film series, with the exception of the fourth installment, The Next Karate Kid. LaRusso's mother is Lucille LaRusso. Some time before the events of the series, Daniel's father died of an unknown cause. This event is what caused Daniel and his mother to move to Los Angeles where Daniel became bullied by the Cobra Kai, a gang of karate students from the Cobra Kai karate dojo. After nearly being killed by the Cobra Kai's best student and gang leader Johnny Lawrence, Daniel is saved by his apartment's maintenance man, Keisuke Miyagi. After saving Daniel, Miyagi begins to teach him the ways of karate. Daniel later defeats Johnny at the "All Valley Karate Tournament". Daniel seems to have won the respect of the Cobras. In the later movies of The Karate Kid Series, Daniel eventually learns more from Mr. Miyagi about karate and faces new and more highly skilled enemies.

In The Karate Kid Part II, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi are about to leave when they hear John Kreese telling Johnny Lawerance he's a loser for not winning first place at the All Valley Tournament. He suddenly starts to mercilessly strangle Johnny. Mr. Miyagi eventually saves him. Six months later, Daniel angrily comes to Mr. Miyagi's house with his car steaming stating that Ali did something to the car. He also tells him that Ali has fallen in love with a football player as well. He eventually goes to Okanawa with Mr. Miyagi. He befriends a girl named Kumiko who's now his new girlfriend. Daniel becomes enemies with Chozen who is Sato's(Mr. Miyagi's enemy) nephew. Mr. Miyagi's relationship with Sato is fixed when Miyagi saves him. He disowns Chozen because he didn't help save other people. As Kumiko is performing a dance Chozen who is still angry takes her hostage. Daniel fights to death and wins

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