Eli Moskowitz, Also known by his nickname Hawk, is the supporting character of the TV show Cobra Kai. He is a bullied student who joins Cobra Kai after witnessing Miguel Diaz's fight with Kyler's gang.

Personality: Edit

Eli Moskowitz, like the other misfits in his school, is a very quiet and introverted individual. After witnessing Miguel Diaz beating Kyler's gang, he joins Cobra Kai.

After Johnny Lawrence mocks him for his deformed lip, Eli becomes angry and unhappy. However, he later learned how to use his deformed lip to "flip the script" and gain confidence of himself.

As Hawk Edit

During his time learning Cobra Kai, he slowly becomes a hotheaded, disobedient adolescent. This personality reflected on his fighting style, merciless and hurtful. His personality tends to get the better of him, evident when he was disqualified after attacking Robbie before the round started.

In spite of his hotheaded personality, he cares for his friends and hopes that they don't get hurt.

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