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Julie Pierce is the protagonist of The Next Karate Kid. She's portrayed by Hillary Swank.


Julie is a troubled 17-year-old young woman who was very close to her parents. When her parents died in a car accident she has been having some anger issues and never got over it for a long time. Julie then went to live with her grandfather before his death, he used to teach her some karate moves it is unknown what he taught her the only karate move that was seen was the tiger move that she used to save herself when a car came by. After her grandfather died she lived with her grandmother, Julie did not have a good relationship with her they would always get into fights because sometimes her grandmother is always overprotective whenever Julie makes a mistake. Julie also took care a hawk "Angel" when Angel broke her wing Julie has been taking care of her she would feed her, pet her, and show her lots of love. Julie kept Angel hidden on the top of the school roof in an old cage. There is also teenage boy who is sexually attracted to Julie in her school. Julie dislikes Ned, mostly because he's a jerk most of the time. Ned has ask Julie many times to go out with him but she always turned him down whenever she does he gets her in trouble by telling lies to the teacher and has her sent to the principal's office. Julie soon meet another teenage boy "Eric" who quickly develops a crush on Julie, Julie dislikes him at first but when she started hanging out with him more she also starts to love him. This made Ned very jealous and tried to keep Eric away from Julie. Julie was arrested after breaking into the school to feed angel and she was suspended from school. Mr. Miyagi picks her up from the police station after she was arrested and he takes her on a trip to train with the monks.


Julie is nice, short tempered, and never tells people about her life, she is sometimes playful, and smart.


Louisa PierceEdit

Louisa is Julie's maternal grandmother and guardian. Since her parents' deaths, Julie has developed a strained relationship with her grandmother. She refuses to talk to her about anything, which worries her. On a couple of occasions, Louisa accidentally calls Julie "Susan", which was her daughter's name. It's possible Julie reminds her a lot of her daughter because of that little mistake.

Keisuke MiyagiEdit

Miyagi is Julie's karate teacher. At first, when she meets Miyagi, she refused to talk to him, mainly because she had nothing to say to him. However, when her grandmother goes to California, Julie starts bonding with Miyagi. He starts acting paternal towards her when he prepares her for her date with Eric, protects her from the group of men at the gas station and tries to make sure she does well in school.

Eric McGowenEdit

Eric is Julie's classmate and love interest. At first, Julie didn't get along with him because he was part of the Alpha Elite, which she hated. She was also worried that since he knew about Angel, the hawk she was taking care of, that he would tell on her. When he takes her to the trainyard, which is where he works, they establish a friendship.  Later, when she's suspended from school, she asks him to take care of the hawk. He agrees if she admits that she would miss him while she was gone.


Ned is a bully who has a huge crush on Julie. He likes Julie very much but can be angry when Julie turns him down on dates, he often flirts with her when their alone. When Ned spotted Eric talking to Julie he told him to stay away from her and told him that she is his. He even had her arrested for breaking into the school to feed angel.