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Ned is the main antagonist of The Next Karate Kid. He is portrayed by Michael Cavalieri.


He, along with Eric McGowen, has been a part of the Alpha Elite for, presumably, most of his high school life. It's implied that he was popular with the girls, but he was more focused on Julie who couldn't stand the sight of him. Because he was used to getting what he wanted, he tried to force Julie to go out with him or making her life worse if she refused him. It's also implied that he looked up to Col. Dugan because he thought he had all the answers. What he thought they were or what he was talking about is unknown. It's possible his life, like everyone else, was tough and he was trying to make it better. Ashley Nicole she, friend I like you his mine girl and everyone else, and (help) ok and


Out of all of his characteristics, the one that stands out the most is Ned's aggression. Since he abuses his position with his peers, he often lashes out at them or tries to manipulate them through his authority. He also becomes jealous of Eric and Julie spending time together due to his attraction to Julie. He tries provoking Eric into fighting him when Eric has more than enough reason to do so. Although he acts aggressive and possesive around Eric, it's possible he does have a softer side that he tries to show Julie. However, he never does because of Julie's disdain towards him.

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